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Even though not everyone can understand the excitement of riding on the giant two wheeled machine while zooming out from the sight of the others in a blink of eye, there are still a huge amount of Harley biker singles who are enjoying the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and trying to live every moment of their motorcycle highlighted life to the fullest. And of course they are aware of the fact that having a Harley motorcycle single who are compatible, like-minded and share the same passion with you can definitely bring the joy of Harley motorcycle riding to another whole new level.

It is not hard for motorcycle lovers who want to conduct an active social life to find an online dating website catering exclusively to biker enthusiasts, but given the uneven quality of a tremendous amount of different so-called best biker online dating websites, it can be a grudge to find a professional online dating platform designed only for motorcycle riders. Therefore, our website decides to simplify the complicated grudge for all the eager love-seeking Harley biker lovers and have gone through all the statistics of the 10 most popular motorcycle dating sites. After a painstaking work of 3 days, we have come up with the number one Harley biker dating website with the highest rate of Harley biker quality dating BikerOrNot., known as the pioneer Harley motorcycle dating site first established in New York in 2008, has attracted a total of 12.3 millions Harley biker singles during the course of 10 years and 84.6% of them have successfully had quality dating experience with other special Harley biker and among whom, 65% are still in a long-lasting and meaningful relationship and 34% are happily married with their Harley motorcycle soulmate.

The success that the professional Harley motorcycle dating platform achieved cabe mainly attributed to its sheer number of registered Harley biker singles. With a total of 7.6 millions Harley motorcycle enthusiasts, according to the latest data of May, 2018, Harley biker lovers will have a much greater chance of meeting a compatible Harley biker half on Biker Or Not compared to other similar dating website for motorcycle lovers. Unlike many other biker online dating site where motorcycle dudes outnumber greatly motorcycle females, Harley biker girls represent 49.1% of the total registered Harley biker members.

David Lee, the founder of, a professional programmer as well as veteran biker with 10 years of experience, knows exactly the needs of Harley bikers. Thus a series of unique features tailored uniquely for its Harley motorcycle users come to the fore. With which, Harley motorcycle riders can optimize their dating experience characterized by Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle by inviting other Harley biker friends over a coffee or a professional rally which gathers hundreds of Harley biker together. are highly recommended for its safety system. All the personal chatting history and information are end-to-end encrypted by SSL. Moreover, encourages all the Harley biker singles to report any suspicious activities, fraud and scams.
Now it’s time to start your love-searching journey on the expert Harley biker dating

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It is true that online dating that some people are still holding a skeptical attitude towards online dating for it doesn’t let time and fate take its course, in another word, the natural way to meet others. But what can’t be denied is that online dating has brought numerous single much closer regardless of the geographical and communication progress. While being a member on an online dating website, you are actually putting yourself out there and being forced to leave your comfort zone by creating a profile and expose your vulnerabilities to numerous other singles. But it is exactly because that every one expose their straightforward intention to one another of wanting to conducting social activities, you will meet individuals you might never cross road with in real life, and your life might go to a turning point because your lives interacted. It might not apply to everyone, but it is true for up to 60% of registered member of Plenty of Bikers, who have found their special one and ended up being in a long lasting relationship or even marriage.

PlentyofBikers is considered as one of the top-ranking websites in the online dating industry or its sheer volume of member base and simple but professional features. Among more than 8000,000 registered members from 30 different countries and 4 continents, there are over half of whom are active monthly users, which has certainly multiplied the chance of you meeting a quality single. Moreover, has established a cooperative relationship with other biker dating websites such as, and, and users will have access to view other quality singles on the mentioned websites, which is definately considered as a memorable milestone in the filed of online dating.

Before is launched, 5 months’ recherche has been made in order to get to know better biker singles’ lifestyle and motorcycle riding culture so that the best features catering to motorcyclists can be offered. Thanks the team’s timeless hardworking, thousands of hundreds of singles now are able to benefit from a dozens of professional features to connect with other biker girls and guys on a deep level. Aside from the main features that other websites have such as getting matches, browsing other users’ profiles and sending messages, singles on can also set up motorcycle related activities and ask people nearby to join. There is even a monthly rally organized by in some certain cities where a great amount of biker lovers gather together sharing their biking experience and also looking for a company to share the joy with.

Whether you are new to this community or you have been hitting the road for a long time, having a special biker buddy can always make the journey more pleasant. The moment you decide to join the community, you have already made a significant stride towards a more colorful and meaningful life. No matter you are looking for friendships, companionship or relationships, is always one of the top choices that can’t be missed!

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BikerNext is a new biker dating site for meeting bikers

Harley biker online dating has always been a heated topic for numerous Harley biker singles wish to find a special someone who share the same interest for Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Within a few seconds, the powerful Harley biker dating site will come up with a full list of compatible Harley motorcycle matches who you might never have your life crossed without the help of powerful internet. However, problems arise since an increasing number of different so-called Harley motorcycle dating platforms with uneven qualities come to the fore. It is not rare to see biker enthusiasts are asked to swipe their bank card right upon the sign up process, or encounter a huge number of fakes or scams instead of their dream half to share the joy of motorcycle riding culture. Therefore, choosing the truly suitable online dating website catering exclusively to motorcycle lovers with a high quality is the first step as well as the most essential one be begin your love-seeking journey in Harley biker community., known as the number one Harley motorcycle dating site with the largest-ever member base in the field of online dating sites for Harley biker lovers, has been dedicated to help Harley motorcycle females and Harley motorcycle males to connect with each other virtually and form something to develop from. With more than 7.9 millions registered Harley biker members, among whom, 67% are Harley veteran motorcycle enthusiasts with over 8 years of experience, the chance of finding a compatible Harley motorcycle partner with a solid motorcycle riding skill is greatly multiplied compared to many other similar Harley biker websites. Furthermore, not only does registered Harley biker enthusiasts outnumbers other motorcycle online dating websites, the quality of its registered biker members is also a highlight of the Harley biker dating website. More than 80% of its registered Harley motorcycle singles are professional lawyers, doctors, businessmen and professors.

The expert Harley biker online dating site also outshines other biker dating platforms with its originality and practicability of its unique features. Registered Harley motorcycle users can search other Harley biker friends with specialized criteria such as Harley motorcycle brand, bike riding preference, preferred motorcycle riding location and motorcycle riding habits. Premium biker singles can also set up different events such as a casual coffee meet up, a duo Harley biker riding on a remote vally or a professional Harley motorcycle rally where hundreds of Harley motorcycle lovers gather together through the unique feature called “Harley Hang Out”. According to the latest statistics, there are more than 2.34 millions Harley motorcycle singles who have successfully found their compatible Harley biker partner with the help of the highly recommended feature.

Biker next  is also famous for its personal information security and the lowest rate of encountering a fraud in the online dating industry for Harley biker singles. In order to fight against the information leakage, request every Harley motorcycle single to submit the picture of their ID card as well as driver’s license to verify their identification. In special occasions, some manual research work will be done to verity the identity of some suspicious Harley motorcycle members.

Bikernext, the professional dating website for Harley biker lovers with the highest success rate, will be carrying forward its responsibility to promote the understanding among all the Harley motorcycle lovers in biker community.

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BikerPlanet is for biker singles to date a biker planet

Over the past decade, online dating has developed rapidly to a point where it becomes an essential part of the daily life of numerous singles who are eager to meet a special someone to share their life with. Biker singles who are passionate about motorcycle riding lifestyle make no exception. However, facing a great number of online dating websites without an aimed client group, the chance of successfully meeting another compatible motorcycle girl or motorcycle guy is quite slim. In order to meet the specific demands of biker enthusiasts, several online dating platform catering exclusively to motorcycle riders came to the birth and among which, Biker Planet can definitely be highly regarded as the pioneer and the avant-garde in the filed of biker dating online.

When first launched in the year of 2005, Biker Planet Dating site has attracted a tremendous amount of attention for being an expert biker meeting place for both singles wishing to conduct an active social life and veteran Harley biker riders as well as amateur ones, blending the uniquely designed features, sheer volume of member base and last but not least, professional custom service.

BikerPlanet has been a starting place for over 3.4 millions romance-seekers and successfully connected 86% of them, which marks the highest success rate in the industry of motorcycle singles online dating. According to its latest database, the expert online matchmaker for biker lovers consists of a total of 5.6 millions registered Harley biker singles mainly from Australia, the United kingdom, the United States and Canada, and the massive and keep increasing member base of Harley biker makes it much more easier to meet other compatible Harley motorcycle singles. Even though for other similar biker dating sites, quantity doesn’t necessarily speak for quality, Biker Planet is sparing no effort to maintain the high quality of its bikers’ member base by verifying each motorcycle lover’s identity as well as featuring professional Harley bikers with “Certified Harley rider”.

Last year, Biker Planet has invited 2,000 Harley biker couples to write down their love story as well as the Harley dating tips for motorcycle riders that they learned while seeking for love on BikerPlanet. In less than a year, the section called “Harley love story & dating advice” has gained 5.3 millions views and gone viral in the biker community. Furthermore, already a successful Harley biker online dating platform, Biker Planet is also on its way to becoming a professional social network for single bikers who want to know more about motorcycle riding culture. With 5 separated Harley forums with different topics related to biking where tips of bike riding will be posted on a weekly basis by Harley certified veteran bikers, Biker Planet is playing a crucial role in carrying forward the responsibility of promoting the understanding among Harley motorcycle singles.

Information leakage, according to countess motorcycle singles, is what drag them back from giving online dating a shot. However, on Biker Planet, all the personal information of motorcycle lovers and chatting history with your biker crush are safely encrypted. Click the link above and your love seeking journey begins.

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3 signs that Harley rider is totally into you

Every Harley motorcycle rider get together on the motorcycle dating websites for the same purpose, which is looking for a like minded single Harley rider to same the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with. And there is a biker dating routine for almost every male and female Harley rider on Harley biker dating service: send the first message, become a little bit flirtatious, go on a real biker date and then…you want to go a bit further but here is a problem that every men and women Harley rider face when looking for a compatible Harley motorcycle enthusiast online: always wondering if the feeling is mutual and get caught by the the fear of being exposed to the rejections. It is totally normal to feel unsure about your potential Harley partner and here are 3 universally acknowledged motorcycle dating rules to tell if Harley women or Harley men are into you.

1. Does he/she know enough about you
You can easily tell if your Harley motorcycle lover takes an interest in your passion aside from the well-known Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Whether it’s french movies, art exhibitions or handballs, which might not be a common ground between you and your potential Harley date, but will definitely be a something your special Harley half is interested in if he/she wants to get to know you better and takes an interest in not only your hobbies, but also in you, personally.

2. Your boundaries and principles are strictly respected
Every female and male Harley rider differs personally, which creates diversity and makes Harley motorcycle riding community much more colorful and fun. However, it also raises problems because of the difference of individual boundaries and principles. Some Harley motorcycle singles won’t get intimate before marriage, some find it disrespectful to move in together before at least one year of dating, or can’t spend enough time with another Harley man or Harley woman due to the busy working schedule. If the Harley motorcycle lover that you are dating really likes you, he/she will respect your boundaries even in the very early stage of a biker dating, which is also considered as the key to a successful Harley relationship.

3. Consistent behavior shows the most affection
Nowadays, “Ghosting” is gradually becoming a thing in the Harley motorcycle dating world and our website has received a lot complaints about the problem. Maybe it’s not that complicated and it just means that he’s not that into you as you thought. Everyone has his one and off days and single Harley riders are not an exception. But if the attitude of the Harley guy or Harley girl that you are dating shifts from day to day then it probably means that your Harley motorcycle rider is not that into you and you’d better not worth your time. Based on a proved scientific result conducted by the largest Harley motorcycle dating community, 96% of registered members of Harley Davidsno bike will be consistent with his/her behavior and will be overjoyed almost every time there’s a biker date.

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