Biker Dating Tips for the Very First Date

Online biker dating websites have made dating a lot easier. Because it gives a chance for every male Harley rider as well as female Harley rider to find love using the powerful tool of internet. However, it is not realistic to maintain a relationship between you and the biker guy or bike girls online forever, the day when two of you will meet in person will finally come. Even though it is normal for Harley motorcycle riders to get a bit nervous when it comes to the first rendezvous in person. And here we are, the expert in dating for biker man and biker women, are ready to give you guys some valuable online Harley dating advice for single Harley riders.

Ask your date’s opinion
Maybe you have a million of good ideas of how the first date between you and the motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls should be, but it always shows your respect and care to ask what your motorcycle man or motorcycle women want for the first date. keep in mind that the whole point is to fix a plan that will make both you and your motorcycle man and motorcycle women comfortable, which will ease the tension and eliminate the embarrassment in certain cases.

Don’t follow the trend.
Maybe the idea of first date associate with fancy restaurant and romantic movies, however, for biker chicks and biker dudes, it is dangerous to follow the trend always. Because the man bikers and women bikers, they are adventurous and keen on stepping out of their comfort zone, and dining in an Italian restaurant doesn’t mean any of that. Thus, breaking the rule and being innovative are of great importance. If you want to leave a deep impression on your Harley girls or Harley guy, ride on a Harley Davidson bike instead of eating escargots!

Be yourself.
If you are a motorcycle babe or biker babe who feel hard to take initiative, just be who you are. By being whoever you are, it doesn’t mean giving in to your fears, but listening to your own need and desire. Forget about all the conventions and rituals which tell motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes to “play hard to get” or “always let the guy pay the bill”, etc. instead, do what your intuition tells you to!

Make the tension flow.
The connection is the main reason why two Harley motorcycle riders are bonded together. Thus, the goal is to keep the tension, or connection flow back and forth during the first date. but how? eye contact now and then, casual and flirtatious body contact or cute languages will all do the trick.

Lower your expectation.
Even though it sounds pretty disappointing, but believe me, little expectations will do you lots of good in the end. The less chance to get frustrated and higher chance to be satisfied, which is a great attitude when it comes to the first date for Harley chicks and Harley dudes.

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