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Even though not everyone can understand the excitement of riding on the giant two wheeled machine while zooming out from the sight of the others in a blink of eye, there are still a huge amount of Harley biker singles who are enjoying the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and trying to live every moment of their motorcycle highlighted life to the fullest. And of course they are aware of the fact that having a Harley motorcycle single who are compatible, like-minded and share the same passion with you can definitely bring the joy of Harley motorcycle riding to another whole new level.

It is not hard for motorcycle lovers who want to conduct an active social life to find an online dating website catering exclusively to biker enthusiasts, but given the uneven quality of a tremendous amount of different so-called best biker online dating websites, it can be a grudge to find a professional online dating platform designed only for motorcycle riders. Therefore, our website decides to simplify the complicated grudge for all the eager love-seeking Harley biker lovers and have gone through all the statistics of the 10 most popular motorcycle dating sites. After a painstaking work of 3 days, we have come up with the number one Harley biker dating website with the highest rate of Harley biker quality dating BikerOrNot., known as the pioneer Harley motorcycle dating site first established in New York in 2008, has attracted a total of 12.3 millions Harley biker singles during the course of 10 years and 84.6% of them have successfully had quality dating experience with other special Harley biker and among whom, 65% are still in a long-lasting and meaningful relationship and 34% are happily married with their Harley motorcycle soulmate.

The success that the professional Harley motorcycle dating platform achieved cabe mainly attributed to its sheer number of registered Harley biker singles. With a total of 7.6 millions Harley motorcycle enthusiasts, according to the latest data of May, 2018, Harley biker lovers will have a much greater chance of meeting a compatible Harley biker half on Biker Or Not compared to other similar dating website for motorcycle lovers. Unlike many other biker online dating site where motorcycle dudes outnumber greatly motorcycle females, Harley biker girls represent 49.1% of the total registered Harley biker members.

David Lee, the founder of, a professional programmer as well as veteran biker with 10 years of experience, knows exactly the needs of Harley bikers. Thus a series of unique features tailored uniquely for its Harley motorcycle users come to the fore. With which, Harley motorcycle riders can optimize their dating experience characterized by Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle by inviting other Harley biker friends over a coffee or a professional rally which gathers hundreds of Harley biker together. are highly recommended for its safety system. All the personal chatting history and information are end-to-end encrypted by SSL. Moreover, encourages all the Harley biker singles to report any suspicious activities, fraud and scams.
Now it’s time to start your love-searching journey on the expert Harley biker dating

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