BikerPlanet is for biker singles to date a biker planet

Over the past decade, online dating has developed rapidly to a point where it becomes an essential part of the daily life of numerous singles who are eager to meet a special someone to share their life with. Biker singles who are passionate about motorcycle riding lifestyle make no exception. However, facing a great number of online dating websites without an aimed client group, the chance of successfully meeting another compatible motorcycle girl or motorcycle guy is quite slim. In order to meet the specific demands of biker enthusiasts, several online dating platform catering exclusively to motorcycle riders came to the birth and among which, Biker Planet can definitely be highly regarded as the pioneer and the avant-garde in the filed of biker dating online.

When first launched in the year of 2005, Biker Planet Dating site has attracted a tremendous amount of attention for being an expert biker meeting place for both singles wishing to conduct an active social life and veteran Harley biker riders as well as amateur ones, blending the uniquely designed features, sheer volume of member base and last but not least, professional custom service.

BikerPlanet has been a starting place for over 3.4 millions romance-seekers and successfully connected 86% of them, which marks the highest success rate in the industry of motorcycle singles online dating. According to its latest database, the expert online matchmaker for biker lovers consists of a total of 5.6 millions registered Harley biker singles mainly from Australia, the United kingdom, the United States and Canada, and the massive and keep increasing member base of Harley biker makes it much more easier to meet other compatible Harley motorcycle singles. Even though for other similar biker dating sites, quantity doesn’t necessarily speak for quality, Biker Planet is sparing no effort to maintain the high quality of its bikers’ member base by verifying each motorcycle lover’s identity as well as featuring professional Harley bikers with “Certified Harley rider”.

Last year, Biker Planet has invited 2,000 Harley biker couples to write down their love story as well as the Harley dating tips for motorcycle riders that they learned while seeking for love on BikerPlanet. In less than a year, the section called “Harley love story & dating advice” has gained 5.3 millions views and gone viral in the biker community. Furthermore, already a successful Harley biker online dating platform, Biker Planet is also on its way to becoming a professional social network for single bikers who want to know more about motorcycle riding culture. With 5 separated Harley forums with different topics related to biking where tips of bike riding will be posted on a weekly basis by Harley certified veteran bikers, Biker Planet is playing a crucial role in carrying forward the responsibility of promoting the understanding among Harley motorcycle singles.

Information leakage, according to countess motorcycle singles, is what drag them back from giving online dating a shot. However, on Biker Planet, all the personal information of motorcycle lovers and chatting history with your biker crush are safely encrypted. Click the link above and your love seeking journey begins.

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