My True Love Story with My Harley Motorcycle Rider

It has been the 5th year since I am married to my biker man I met on one of the online Harley dating sites and it couldn’t be better times in my life. Thanks to the high efficiency and convenience of the free biker dating websites, I had the best time of my life being with my biker guy. A lot of my male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders have asked about my real love story and today I am going to share it with you, with hope that my real experience with biker girls and biker guy can help you to optimize your dating experience with your biker women as well as biker man.

I was introduced to the online biker dating website by my biker friends who have met their motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys on different kinds of online biker dating services. After being single for a long time, I was eager to meet some friends who also love some Harley motorcycle ding lifestyle and riding on Harley Davidson bike.

Thus I immediately signed up on one of the most popular online motorcycle dating service called which consist of more than 7.8 million Harley girls and Harley guys from over 15 countries. Compared to the previous online dating websites I have used before, I can easily feel the advantage and difference of the customized features of first of all, the matching system is super easy to use, since you can get a list of matches of Harley women and Harley man with merely a click or two. Secondly, you can search different biker chicks and biker dues based on the distance, which greatly helps you to conduct an active social life.

Last but certainly not least, there is a forum on which is divided into three different parts: story of my man biker or women biker; biker dating tips; expert matchmaker for bikers. Surprisingly, it was not with the help of the matching system where I met my motorcycle chick, but on the forum where biker lovers gather together to talk about their Harley Davidson bike riding experiences.

Deeply attracted by the motorcycle riding lifestyle and motorcycle riding while chasing the sunset, my biker babe and I found that we always frequent the same forum called veteran riders. And one day we finally started to talk with each other after several unexpected encounters online. Afterwards, things between the motorcycle babes have gone incredibly well because we are so compatible with each other. During the very first date with my motorcycle babe, we didn’t do what couples would normally do such as going to the movie, dinning in an expensive restaurant or taking a walk along the river, instead, we went on a motorcycle ride in the forest which situated 20 kilometers away from us.

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